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TinTinPiano::Jesus Loves Me (耶穌愛我)

[Free Sheet]Jesus Loves Me (耶穌愛我)

freedr Uploaded at 2020-04-23
Jesus loves me, this I know

安娜瓦娜(Anna Bartlett Warner 1820-1916)於1859年作詞,篇集在她出版的「言語和封印(Say and Seal)」書中,經過作曲家白德瑞(William B. Bradbury 1816-1868)譜曲,再加上了副歌(Refrain) 「主耶穌愛我,主耶穌愛我,主耶穌愛我,有聖經告訴我 Yes,Jesus loves me! (X3) The Bible tells me so.」
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